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Quick doodle happy easter?
And oh my thank you new influx of followers~! ❤( / .. \ )❤
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elegant-gloom asked: I am obsessed with your Rococo themed art! It makes my heart soar to see it live on through beauty!

Thank you~! ^^ 
Reminds me I haven’t drawn some rococo in a while…

Today. :)
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Big Wolf, Little Red
Yeah I meant to post this before the last one, but eh…XD;;Copic marker and white ink on Canson.
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Playtime not Over
Copic marker and ink on Canson.
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Mash-up!Uploading something digital I finished a few days ago, while I get my slow rear to finish/scan traditional stuff. Ughhh.Btw this is a sketch from 2012. It’s changed a bit… Here’s the post. (look, I made a throwback)
And yes, it is a series of drawings, just wondering if I should continue it.. =__=”’ 
p.s.I want a skeletal poodle skirt.
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Weeeerrrk in slow progress.
"Fears of Losing It"
Copic marker and white ink on Canson.
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It’s a rainy day, and a Mylène kind of day.

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eternal-waltz asked: acabo de ver que también habla español, bueno contesto de nuevo, es el volumen 13 de GLB.. pagina 16. :]

Ahh muchísimas gracias *_*~~! Quería saber para así escribirlo en la descripción del post~~ Gracias de nuevo! (ᵕ̴᷄◡ᵕ̴᷅)

mariefriedrich asked: Hi, long time your watcher. I was always interested in how'd you found yourself in art style like this? How'd your interest in Lolita and baroque theme appeared? These are my favorite topics as well, I'm also a "Lolita" artist and my interest was called after watching some of related animes, seeing arts of Sakizo (my fav!) or Matsuo Hiromi etc. How about you?:)


Well, I love baroque/rococo themed stuff since I was kid~ My mom went through this phase once and decorated the house as such. I really liked it, so I started researching about it. I’m also a major history nerd XD. I found about lolita fashion when I discovered Mana back in the Malice Mizer days ^^;; (like many others lol), and well, to this day, it just stuck really! 

If anyone knows the GLB volume where the original comes from, let me know, I’ll love you forever… I don’t own said volume, and I couldn’t find any other references for this Moitié piece, so there’s no accuracy whatsoever in that print XD;; at all. The lolita libraries on the web also didn’t have it… 
Anyway- I wanted to finish this by the 19th, but that never happened. Next time I’ll just start two weeks in advanced lol.
Materials used:Watercolor, inks, and copic marker (for the blue ribbon). Process post [ here ].
::edit::Original image referenced from Gothic Lolita Bible Vol. 13 ~ (p. 16) Thank you eternal-waltz for letting me know about the GLB volume~! ^^
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