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Hope you had a great Bastille Day~!Here is some Jacques & Catherine. 
*goes to work on things*
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Dead Little Darlings II
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Dead Little Darlings I
Some gurololi for the soul… (— And an excuse to do more old school(ish)/b&w coords. —)
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mariefriedrich asked: What is a blue tag?

Its a tag featured by tumblr editors.
Or something like that? Idk, google is your friend! ^^


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Photoshop CS6
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9,158 notes… ( / __ \ )  I’ve never had so many! Thanks everyone so much! I also got a blue #Fashion tag on the detail post, thanks tumblr~! ( > __ < )
Some doodling.Bon weekend.
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All right, so I’ve had several people ask me about my work process (both digitally and traditionally) so I decided to -kinda- explain (but only digital for now). Particularly, people ask me about pale skin a lot, so I’ve decided to touch on that, since it’s also how I usually render flesh on my work. Please be warned that 1) English is not my native language, 2) I suck at explaining (lol). Also note I’m mainly talking about facial features and coloring. I picked the Barnabas Collins fanart (pale alert!), but it’s usually how I do the rest of my works.


  • Make custom brushes
  • Paint
  • Blend
  • Re-adjust
  • Dead people

No, really.
Also, here’s the general progress:

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My blog layout makes this look a bit uneasy on the eye, and since I’m not changing said layout yet, you can read it directly on Facebook. (I dunno about you, but it’s an eyesore to me lol..)

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Detail. Full [ here ].
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I thought I submitted this already… oops. Photoshop cs6.
Bon weekend~❤
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kokoroo asked: Your art is so amazing and inspiring, I have to thank you for that ♥ While I was stalking your blog I read you speak spanish so... Ojalá que consideres hacer un video tutorial de arte tradicional, más que nada sobre cómo pintar, sería grandioso c':

Hola, muchísimas gracias~! ♥︎( ´▽`) Sobre el tutorial pues sigo pensando de varias formas para finalmente hacer uno mas detallado >.<.. un video no sería mala idea. :’D

A ver si consigo tiempo~! 

Work in progress preview. Drawing between projects. Sorry that all posts lately have been from the ask box&#8230; ( / _ \ );;;
Also, thanks 1,200+ new followers!! (&#160;; _&#160;; )/ ilu&lt;3
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darkbluefishey asked: Oh my god, I just found a picture of yours browsing Mana related stuff, I'm an artist so naturally I INSTANTLY fell in love with your illustrations. I think your stuff I've seen is really really fantastic.

Thank you! Glad you liked, always a pleasure to hear from other Mana fans~~
Dix love~! ( ´ ꒳ `  )

m0rphine-0verd0se asked: This isnt an ask but I think your work is just stunning!~~

Thank you dear~ (*´꒳`*)♥︎

Anonymous asked: OMG I can't wait to see more gothy/dark mori artworks from you <3

Thanks~~~ I’ll be slow but they’ll come! XD

belaquadros asked: This is so beautiful! <3

Thank you~~ ( / . \ )